Re-exploring macro photography (II)

I had some time to kill this week, so I tried a sheet of tracing paper as a diffuser.  As you can see on the pictures below, my setup is a very temporary one and not really usable in the field.  I can't use my LED of the KX-800 to light the subject and if there's a bit of wind, the sheet doesn't stay in place.  

But I'm very pleased with the lighting of my test shots.  Especially on the crane-fly.  I see a bit of reflection on the Garden Spider, but to be honest my flash was set to strong.  For a final solution, I will be trying to use a diffuser made of tracing paper in combination with the soft boxes which I have used before.

Keep in mind these pictures are just quick snapshots to test my lighting.  Next step is to build a stable diffuser.  Not sure at this moment how I will achieve this ...