So my iMac decided to die on me (II)

A quick follow up on my problems with my iMac.  I have the feeling the random shutdowns are gone, since I haven't experienced any dropouts so far (knock on wood).  My computer has been taken to two repair centers.  Problem was, neither of them could reproduce the problem.   They ran several stress tests and not a single time the iMac crashed.  

The last repair center, ARC in Dilbeek nearby Brussels, decided to replace the logic board.  Most of the time, random shutdowns are caused by a faulty component on the logic board.  Something to do with the SMC chip.  Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of working in Lightroom and Photoshop, the iMac decided to shut itself down.  If that would happen they told me to replace my after-market 32GB of RAM with the original 8Gb of RAM.  Didn't help.  Last resort was to replace the power supply.  After a brief visit to ARC they replaced it, and it seems all my troubles are gone.

Happy to be working on my iMac again and a big thumbs up for ARC! 

So my iMac decided to die on me

Last Sunday I had some time to process my latest (very special and fun) shoots, but my iMac decided not to.  It's my second one.  In 2015 I have traded my 5 year old iMac 27 for a new one with a retina display.  I never had any problems nor crashes with the old one.  Can't say that's the same with the newer version.  I can handle a software crash, but the problems I had were random shutdowns.  Quite frustrating!  Last weekend, I couldn't use my iMac for more then 10 minutes before it went to black.  Booting the computer again was not possible without physically disconnecting the power cord.  Fortunate we have a 2 year warranty here in Europe, I was good for a couple of months.  Handed my mac to the Apple store last Tuesday.  If I may take a wild guess; it's probably the logic board or a power supply problem.  I hope the same won't happen again when it's out of warranty ...

Little Owls

In 2016 I have made a reservation for a photography hide for these little birds.  Unfortunate the day before my reservation, they all had flown away.  Disappointed as I was, I immediately made a new reservation for the beginning of June this year.  

Luck was at my side this time!  For over an hour a we could photograph this Little Owl with her chick.  The most fun and cute birds I have photographed!  My selection out of approximately 650 pictures below.

Mirrorshades v3

Welcome to the third version of Mirrorshades!  To be honest, it wasn't my intention to change to a new website that fast.  Let me explain myself ...

The first version of was built on Squarespace.  I have always been a happy customer, but when retina and hi-dpi monitors became more and more popular, they didn't support them.  As a pixel peeping junk I really wanted to show my pictures in the best possible resolution.  

This was the moment when I gave Wordpress a try.  There wasn't a single gallery module which had retina support.  I managed to glue serveral plugins together and asked some friends to hack into some of them, just to serve my cause.  Sounds good?  Not really, as soon as there are updates available for your Wordpress and modules, it's very hard to upgrade.  Each time there's a big chance something will break your website.

By accident I stumbled on an article concerning retina support.  I have read Squarespace nowadays supports retina support.  Basically you upload a 2500px version of your picture, they create 7 smaller version of it and depending on the visitor his or her resolution, Squarespace will serve the right picture.  I re-activated my account and now you're reading this blog post on my new website.  I really wanted a minimal design so the focus could be on my photos.  I'm happy with the result and hopefully I can use this website for a long time so I can concentrate on the thing which I love the most; taking pictures!