This section contains all my favorite pictures over the years.  Pictures which I think are my best shots.  As I’m very picky, there aren’t a lot of them online right now.  I guess this gives me quite some space and challenges for the future to keep photographing and uploading new ones.


To be honest I have only just begun to really commit myself to nature photography.  That is probably one of the reasons, why there aren’t a lot of pictures in this gallery. I ‘m sure this will increase over time, in particular now I’m planning on […]

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The category which has awakened my passion for photography.  If I remember correctly, my macro lens – the Nikon AF Micro-NIKKOR 200mm f/4D IF-ED – was the first lens I bought second handed as soon as I upgraded to a DSLR back in 2004.  While […]

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Lately I extended my expertise in landscape photography.  A type of photography which, in my honorable opinion, benefits a lot from good post processing.  Most of the time when I leave for vacation, the first thing I read is a good book about photographing and […]

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