A wide variety galleries.  Some theme based, while others more playful and snapshot like; as well as the outcome of a photography workshop.  Anyway, I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t share them with you.


I need to admit, I’m a huge Disney fan. When my wife needed to go to Shanghai, China as part of a business trip, I flew in a couple of days later. Goal of my trip was to do some sightseeing in the city itself but more important to plan a visit to the newly […]

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We spent 5 days in the capital of Austria in December between Christmas and New Year.  Altough we prepared ourselves for snow and cold weather, we had lots of sunshine and the temperature was quite mild for this time of the year.  The historic buildings […]

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End of August 2015, I got married.  Honeymoon destination: Mauritius.  The main focus of our holiday was to just relax,  enjoy the food, drinks and beautiful surroundings.  Some of which you can admire here in this gallery.  In case you are wondering […]

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It’s not a secret we are big fans of Italy.  We love the many medieval towns, pittoresque sceneries and especially its food.  In June 2014 we planned a road trip through Italy for the second time.  We stayed a couple of days in Umbria before we headed to Puglia […]

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I always had a big fascination for birds of prey.  As a kid I really loved observing them, so it was some kind of a childhood dream to attend a workshop to photograph them.  After some googling, I accidentally visited the website of Robert OToole.  An award […]

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After a great and learnful studio workshop, which you can visit here, I wanted to check if I could do it all by myself.  I found a studio in my neighborhood to rent, hired a make-up artist for the occasion and asked my friends if they wanted to model.  It turned […]

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To be honest, I’m really bad at finding birthday presents for my wife.  I know Jill always wanted to have a studio shoot and I always wanted to shoot a model in a studio; so I booked myself a studio photography workshop in which she could participate as […]

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Our first acquaintance with Asia.  Since Bali is a number one spot for honeymooning and very focused on tourism, I’m not sure whether if this island shows an authentic image of Asia.  Nevertheless we loved it and it will not be the last time we have visit this […]

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We visited Prague early May.  During our 5-day stay we only experienced murky weather.  Despite that, I really love Prague and it’s one of the most fun and charming cities I have traveled to.  Prague is not too big to get around and it has some really wonderful […]

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